Why Colorhat?

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Online Software

Colorhat is an online based service. Also known as “Software-as-a-Service” or “Cloud Computing”. All you need is your login.

One of the benefit you get from this kind of service is that you have access to your data from anywhere, at any time.

The story behind Colorhat is, two software engineers made this piece of software for their own use. Then decided to release it to the public. For that reason Colorhat was not made for the sake of making money, but to help people get things done with the least amount of effort.

Security is of huge importance


This is not a question of fear. It’s a question of how to communicate Colorhats security policies. We have put a lot of thought into securety matters, and strive to make this service as secure as possible.

Private information like passwords are encrypted. This helps ensures that your private data stay private.

SSL is a must on the most vulnerable pages. Use the login page to login securely.

Safety & Backup

All data are replicated across multiple databases. To prevent a single system failure or disaster from causing data loss we store the most important data in two or more geographic locations. Additionally, all data are backed up nightly and stored for three days.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any kind of security related question.

Two Geographic Locations


Where do I find... or how do I... is always a question of information architecture. Colorhat is designed to meet a logical and usability standard. This means it is designed so people should find what they are looking for at the place they expect.

But of course, there are always questions, tips and tricks which are usefull. So you might want to check out the help/support.

Information Architecture
Modern Technology

Fast and Instant

Colorhat is made with the most modern technology and a good portion of common sense.

Preloaded data, caching and AJAX are implemented in places where it makes the most sense. This gives Colorhat the uniqueness we like to offer.

Flexibility and Customization

Are your work not project based? Cool, don’t worry. Colorhat is made to be fleksible. You can call things what ever you want. Kunder, Projects or Services can be renamed according to your requirements.

You dont use or want some of the services Colorhat offers? No problem, you can easyly disable or reorder them in the settings.

Colorhat saves repetitive information, so you get things done faster the next time around.

Customize kunder, projects and services/tasks with colors. Reorder, archive or add them to lists. These are simple yet usefull tools to help you find your best way to organize things.

Flexibility and Customization
Progression and growth

Progression and growth

I dag kan vi tilby fakturering, timeregistrering og prosjektstyring. Hvilken type service og funksjoner vi release tomorrow er et spørsmål om hva slags feedback vi får. Colorhat er her for deg.