Frequently Asked Questions

About Colorhat

What is Colorhat?

Colorhat is currently a comunity based time management and time tracking software.

Who is Colorhat designed for?

We try to make Colorhat as flexible as possible. Whether you are a teacher, student, engineer, devolper, or just a person who wants to keep track of your training sessions or hobbies, You can use Colorhat.

Is Colorhat multiuser?

Yes. Soon also the whole functionality will be released.

Do I need to pay to use Colorhat?

No, we try to serve Colorhat as a free service. But we are addicted on your Donation.

Is Colorhat going to remain free?

Yes, our goal is to provide Colorhat as a free service for the end users.

Using Colorhat

I’m new, so where do I go from here?

A good place to start is our Colorhat introduction section. There you will find what you need to know.

Do I have to use a certain syntax when entering my time?

We strive to make Colorhat as easy and userfriendly as posible. Therefore, beside drag & add, there are a number of diffrent notation you can use. Take a look at our complete overview.

What are time sheets?

Right, they are a kind of raw data you are adding/recording. They have some basic values: First, the total time, or a timeframe. Further, a Project and a Service (Each Project can contain one Customers, so you don’t have to select a Customer). Last, we go for a optional note/description. If you wish to assign more than that (e.g. a map) - come in contact with us.

What kind of reports are visible?

Colorhat is made to meet a wide spectrum of needs. You can filter, search, export and print reports and unlimited time entries. And - last but not least: It’s easy to use and realy fast!

Why do Colorhat use Customers, Projects and Services?

This makes sense moste of the time. They all have diffrent roles. So, Customers can contain unlimited Projects. And Services again, they are something you are doing. You can also link Services to spesific Projects. Later you can find reports and statistics by filtering agains what you are looking for.

Can I rename Customers, Projects and Services?

Yes! These three preferences are by default "Customers", "Projects" and "Services". But not all people are familiar by describe their daily working areas with that kind of names. So we give you the choice to rename them. Powerfull and easy!

Where can I add, delete or edit Customers, Projects or Services?

When You are in the Times application, You will find links on the top right.

How does lists work and what are they for?

Lists are a handy thing that helps you categorize things in Colorhat. When you are in the Customers, Projects or Services overview, click "New List". Give your new list a name eg. Personal, Work etc. Then press enter. You have now created a New List and need to populate it. Click "edit", select all the entries you want in the List - then click "Save". You are done.


I have forgotten my password. What now?

You can reset your password. Just enter the email address you signed up with, click reset password. Then follow the instruction in the email you receive.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in your user settings. Click settings in the upper right corner. Then click edit in the Password section. Enter you new password and click save changes.

How do I change my email?

You can change your email in your user settings. Click settings in the upper right corner. Then click edit in the Email section. Enter you new email address and click save changes. Wait for an email to arrive at your new address with the instructions to activate it.

What should I do if I find a bug?

It would be nice if you could report it to us, the best way to do that is to visit our support forum and leave a message with as much details as possible as to what the bug is, how it occurred and a little bit about you computer/browser setup.