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New Invoice

Creating new invoices should be easy and painless. However, if you really think about all the information needed to get it done, it might seem like a daunting task. Colorhats billing system is made to prevent this type of information overload.

Getting it done is the first priority. Then you have more time for your more important tasks.

New Invoice
Invoice Goods

Goods and Services

Add your goods, set the amount and quantity, it’s that easy. You can also set different vat rates for different goods. If you are in a good mood you can even add a discount

It’s really easy to add your work hours or services from the time tracker. All you have to do is to select your service and fill inn an hourly rate. These values will be remembered and prefilled the next time you create an invoice.

Numbers can be entered in different formats. We support the most common number formats, you decide which suits you best. It’s a matter of taste and habit.

Subtotal and total amounts are updated in real time.

Preview and Quality Assurance

Preview your invoice before sending it. Not sure your invoice is filled out correctly? Let your peers review your invoice by sending it to Quality Assurance. Your customers will love to get correct invoices.

Tips & Tricks

Enter numbers: You can increase/decrease the value in numeric inputs by clicking on it, then press up and down keys, or spin the mouse wheel up and down.

Jump between Lines: Easily jump up and down between goods/services. While you have focus in an input field press CTRL + up/down key.

Negative amounts: Negative values are just as easy as writing them on paper. Just type a minus in front of the number. The summary will be displayed with a red color to highlight the difference.


Ever wondered how much is over due and how much is paid? Get a detailed overview over your balance.

VAT and Currencies: Include/exclude VAT in the amounts is just one click away. Show the balance for invoices in different currencies.

Passed months: You also get a summary for a couple of months ago. And a summary of your different VAT amount for a custom period.

Totals by Customer: Get an overview of the balance of any given customer. From the customer page, you can go one step further, to the “Invoices Tab”. There you’ll see the balance of the current customer.

The Archive and PDF

Download as PDF: Send Invoices as an attached PDF. Or let your customer download the Invoice as a PDF file.

PDF Invoices are perfect for print or to keep as a digital archive.

Archive: It would seem natural to archive an invoice once it is paid. This helps you to avoid cluttering your overviews.

Browse through the archive. A search feature is planned, to help you find what you are looking for quickly.